I always hated the hump on my nose and wanted to get a rhinoplasty for the longest time. I also had a deviated septum which blocked breathing from my left nostril. I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery, but in my case I had no choice. I was extremely lucky to come across Dr. Saigal. I knew he would be my surgeon after my first consultation. He was so kind throughout the whole process, answered all my questions, and also explained the procedure in detail to my family as well. He showed me a mock-up photo of my nose as it will appear post-surgery and the results were even better than the computer images he made. Now when I look back at my rhinoplasty experience it was a breeze and was totally worth and most importantly I love my new nose. It looks so natural and balanced with my other facial features, that no one was able to spot that I had a rhinoplasty. I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Saigal. He truly is the most skillful and caring doctor. I would recommend him to everyone who is looking to have their health and appearance get better. Thank You Dr. Saigal!