Having any surgical procedure can be stressful. Your medical team is there to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Before any procedure, there are important questions you need to ask in order to understand exactly what will happen on the day of the surgery.questions before procedure

1.) What will happen in the days or hours leading up to the surgical procedure?
* How far in advance do I need to stop eating and drinking?
* Do I need to take any medications?
* Please advise of any special preparation.
You need to know exactly what to do in the days leading up to the procedure. With
most operations, important steps must be taken, and it is critical that you fully
understand what to do.

2.) What does my recovery entail?
* Will I be hospitalized, and if so, how long?
* Will I need to take any painkillers or medications?
* Do I need a special diet?
* When can I resume my normal activities?
You want to have detailed instructions so that you can make accommodations ahead
of time! You may have to arrange for time off of work, child care, etc. You may
also need to arrange for friends or family members to prepare meals, pick up
prescriptions from the pharmacy and assist with other activities, such as
providing transportation to and from the hospital or facility on the day of the

3.) What is the surgeon’s experience with this type of procedure?
* Does he/she perform this surgery on a routine basis? What is the typical
You have a right to know how experienced the doctor is, and his or her track
record! Remember, you surgeon works for you, and can answer any related

4.) What are the risks?
* Find out exactly what the risks of the surgery are, so you can be prepared.
Surgery is difficult. You have a right to ask if there are any risks involved,
and if so, how do you handle them?

5.) What is the outcome of the procedure expected to be?
*After the procedure is done, what is expected to happen? What will the
benefits of the procedure be? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
You need to know exactly what to expect after surgery. Why will this procedure
benefit you, and is it worth undergoing?

Anytime you are having surgery of any type, it can be confusing. You need to give yourself time to prepare for the procedure and take any steps necessary to ensure that you have all necessary information in order to make the process a little easier. Your medical team wants you to be as comfortable as possible, so ask the necessary questions to put your mind at ease!